Sunday, May 30, 2010

Help Get Lin to Eat, please

We are like Jack Sprat and his wife, except I am not fond of fat, whereas he is! But he is skinny - almost skeletal - and I am plump.

I am not over dramatising the situationwhen I say that he eats like a sparrow. Take a typical day: he has a mango for breakfast (minus the seed because he cannot be bothered to mess with the seed)  - or an equivalent volume of any other fruit. When alone he will reluctantly make the effort to peel a banana.

Lunch consists of an American style muffin (small) or a cookie, maybe two if small. Plus a cup of Starbucks (ugh!) coffee.

Dinner will be  a little of whatever we try to tempt him to eat.

Tonight we had "yeong tow fu" and because it looks so clean and bland he picked at a few pieces (left most of his helping) and had some cheese for dessert.

("Yeong tow fu" is a Chinese dish consisting of healthy white fish which has been made into stuffing for eggplant, chili pepper, various types of tofu, mushrooms, etc - hard to find a dish more healthy).

I don't think he even consumes half his daily calorific needs a day.

So how is he going to cope with chemotherapy? I don't think he's even recovered from his operation because he's still anaemic.

He's stubborn and keeps insisting that he eats a lot. He also makes all sorts of excuses - the food is too chewy, it's too hard, etc. Yet he could eat fried fried tofu tonight. As it had been fried it was brownish and appetising to him - but it was a harder, more chewy texture than any of the stuffed veggies in the "yeong tow fu".

If he feeds like this how is he going to survive when he loses his appetite completely, can't stand the smell of some foods and so on?

Please would some of you who are reading this urge him to eat and keep a food diary? Maybe if he can see how little he eats he might eat more - but I surely doubt so.

Email him directly:

Thank you.

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