Monday, May 31, 2010

Overwhelmed by Our Friends

An astonishing number of you have emailed Lin with messages that have touched his crusty old heart; there were so many messages to him that I could not believe my eyes.

And some of you even picked up your phones and called from overseas.

I cannot tell you how uplifting it has been for him to receive your calls and messages. It makes such a nice change from me nagging him about eating!

To know you all care has made a huge difference to his spirit and outlook, so anytime you have a moment and are near your computers please send a message, even a short one.

Already, he has eaten more today than in the past few days - I made sure he had the major portion of a 4 egg (mainly white) bacon and shallot concoction on toast at lunchtime. He ate all that and said it was tasty! At dinner time, he managed a small rib eye steak although he said the meat was a bit tough for him. He finished off a small Japanese sweet potato that I had baked and some spinach (which he loves to eat, especially creamed). Plus sliced tomatoes with a sesame dressing.

I know, I know, I know:  we should keep him from processed foods like bacon and also from red meat. But right now, what he likes and finds tasty works for me too.

Thank you; you have done him a world of good!

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