Saturday, May 22, 2010

Somewhere In Between

After our visit to Queen Mary Hospital, Lin was not going to go near the place again if we could find a doctor and a place in which we felt comfortable for his treatment.

Don't get me wrong, it is a fine hospital but there are just too many people requiring their services and not enough space and staff.

The best picture I can come up with is the old Hong Kong airport at Kai Tak. Those of you old enough might remember how it was always overcrowded - from the approach ramps, overflowing car park and packed check-in counters to the concourses. A veritable hive of activity containing a seething mass of humanity; all suffering from ADHD!

The modern private hospitals are like the new airport at Chek Lap Kok.

Anyway we decided to go private private as opposed to private public in a hospital - in the hope that the environment would be more conducive to healing.

We had met one oncologist while Lin was still at the Baptist Hospital, but as we wanted to know more, we then made an appointment to consult another.

Everyone who emailed us, without exception, had stressed the importance of finding the right person.

"I think you are both wise to search for an oncologist you like and can feel a connection with. It's so important, after all, a very intimate relationship so what your instincts tell you are paramount. Good for you. Very often, our inner wisdom picks  up on much more than we are conscious of, and over and above conventional wisdom."

Although Lin liked his third 'date' well enough, a charming chap, there wasn't an instant bonding.

So we took a little step back and decided that we'd broach the topic of costs and see how the two oncologists would tell us what we were in for in terms of medication, monitoring and their involvement.

It's one thing to have the sort of health insurance coverage that pays for almost everything under the sun, or to work for an organisation that will pick up the tab. Or be extremely rich.

But even then.

If you only learn one lesson in Hong Kong, it is that you can spend as you like. But spend wisely.

There aren't that many people here who "know the price of everything but the value of nothing".

While waiting for responses, we were overtaken by events - see Suddenly We're Off!

(We conceivably could be back in Hong Kong for Lin's treatment. No one knows, least of all us! Thus we are not shutting down comms. with the good doctors we have met.)

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