Monday, June 28, 2010

Chemo Postponed A Week - Good or Bad News?

Lin had a blood draw this morning and then we returned for our 2:00pm with the oncologist. We were greeted by Edna (Prof Wong's nurse clinician) at the entrance to the Cancer Center who told us that his white blood cell count was still low and the day's chemotherapy session would be postponed.

So we talked to the oncologist and reviewed the past two weeks and his reaction to the chemotherapy thus far. When we got to the topic of the maybe gout, Dr Chin put in for a test for his uric acid levels. And we left her with omeprazole (Prilosec) and Ibuprofen which is to be taken as needed - instead of the Voltaren.

Voltaren (diclofenac) can be rough on the stomach and cause internal bleeding, so they were taking no risks. I knew this because years and years ago a friend was on Voltaren and was cautioned never to take it on an empty stomach. So although Lin had been taking Voltaren, he was not allowed to do so before having some food.

His hands (apart from the maybe gout) are in good shape and they are now the poster boys for intensive hand care!

So where does this leave us?

A date for a blood draw on Monday, July 5 and then a date with Prof. Wong who will be back in the saddle. Maybe he'll refine the dosage so that Lin's WGB can return to normal within two weeks? Or he might suggest something else.

In the meantime our boy has lost weight (he swears they do not know how to take his weight measurements!) and so the week's mission is to build him up.

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