Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's NOT All About The Medicine - Trials with Hitachi

Most of our followers have sent messages of encouragement to me, although I am not the one undergoing chemotherapy. I understand and appreciate where you are coming from and what you mean, but so far my English patient has been treated kindly by the chemo (it is early days yet) and has been cooperative.

My trials and tribulations are with businesses and organisations in my home town, Singapore.

The latest of which has been replacing our 'dead' washing machine; it expired on Friday night. Try buying a washing machine and getting it delivered ASAP in Singapore (probably more quickly here than the USA but I think I might get it quicker in HK than the average big-gish box store in Singapore).

My usual source of home appliances, Rina Electrical (Mrs Lim and staff),  could deliver a machine and get it working by Saturday afternoon. However, since I have used Maytags in Florida and HK, I have gone off Maytags in general.

Friends had suggested the new Hitachi 16 kg washer and so I did my research on Friday night and started calling on Saturday morning. Rina opens at 9am but others do not answer their phones before 10am or 11am.

Hitachi's web site listed Audio House, Best Denki and Harvey Norman among others. So I called them all (I called 2 branches of Audio House and 2 of Best Denki; the Harvey Norman Suntec femalel sales rep. was so awful on the phone I did not want to try another branch) to check the price (same price throughout, some have promotional give aways) and delivery. Long story short, Best Denki at Ngee Ann City came out tops thanks to sales rep. Ann (must be something to do with the name, but I also have encountered Anns and Annes I don't want to know).

They could deliver on Monday afternoon, but as with the others I had to go and purchase the machine. Good thing because in the course of our conversation I had to get an adapter for our tap (faucet in American) and had to think about drainage (NOTE for those of you about to buy a new washing machine - Japanese and Korean machines in Asia need floor traps or drain outlets. American machines will drain into a sink height outlet).

On Monday we were going to be at NUH for Lin's first chemo. session so our housekeeper stood in for me and did a great job despite the obstacles thrown her way by Hitachi's delivery 'cowhands'.

Read about it here (too long otherwise):
It's a blog run by a friend and which has been lauded in the TODAY newspaper in Singapore. Anyone with a bouquet or a grouse with service should email him at:

Suffice to say, it is Wednesday and when I called the Hitachi Service number around 5pm yesterday (after the hose connection had erupted and drenched me and our utility area), the soonest a technician could come round was this afternoon.

Once again I will not be here but I was assured a QUALIFIED person would be coming. Hope Hitachi gets it right this time.

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