Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time Flies!

A few days of 'enforced' rest and  time has whirled by! The rest and medicines seem to have done the trick and I am almost back to my usual self.

Of course, nothing stays quiet for long so I started hearing gasps from Lin on Thursday, June 24. Alarmed I ask him what might be the trouble and he complains about the little finger of his right hand. I can hardly see it as he holds it curled up in his left palm, so assume it's just his old pal "Arthur Itis" paying a little visit.

I pay it and him no heed as by now we have a fresh new recruit to our household from the Philippines and I am busy settling her. So it wasn't until last night (Friday) when we arrived for dinner at a friends' home and he consulted our host that the word 'gout' came up.

Anyway, in lieu of a medically qualified doctor and no doubt to the horror of Lin's when he finds out, he comes away from dinner with some of our host's Voltaren pills. I happen to have some Voltaren cream at home and so that went on externally. Voltaren pill and cream to thwart the perceived 'gout' from both inside and out!

Talk about sometimes wrong but never in doubt, that just about describes this little episode!

Today, Saturday, he professes it hurts less although I can see there is some redness and swelling towards the base of the finger and at the back of his palm. But as it is not life threatening I've let him move furniture around so that he can find a spot to watch TV and not catch his death of a cold.

So we now wait until Monday for the blood work to see if it is all systems go for his second chemotherapy session in the afternoon. As his oncologist is on holiday Lin is down to see a lady oncologist; I hope she also knows something about inflamed little fingers.

We cannot figure it out as it's not an injury. And it doesn't seem like an insect sting. Gout sort of fits the bill as it erupts without warning - but then he's never had gout before. Could it be some side effect that has suddenly manifested itself?

Watch this space.

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