Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Murphy Continues To Be Unwelcome Guest

Well, we went along to NUH and had his blood tested again today (Wednesday, July 7). Still no go and so we are going in on Monday, July 12 at 9:00am.

So, in the meantime, we are hanging in the wind.

Thanks all of you who sent in your suggestions. Needless to say, I am suffering from information overload. It's quite easy to attempt to investigate all the supplements, foods, alternative therapies and medicines, but you soon realise it is going to be quite impossible to eat, drink and do everything that has been and will continue to be suggested.

For the time being we'll just stick to what little we know!

However, two items have piqued my curiosity. Here they are:

Has anyone heard of BIORESONANCE or BIO RESONANCE? Or tried it?

(Wikipedia: "is a form of alternative medicine belonging to the field of Electromagnetic therapy, invented in Germany in 1977")

Some of you might be interested in this snippet of info: "there's a Chinese medical powder called "Watermelon frost" that's great for mouth ulcers and sore throats. It's available at our Chinese medical halls." Sounds quite delicious to me!

Sometime last week I managed to misplace my slim card holder which contained my Tanglin Club, American Club and SICC membership cards as well as one or two other cards - fortunately none of them critical, like credit or ID cards.

We looked everywhere (a chance to do minor clearing of files, folders, bags, trays and drawers!) including a friend's and our car. I attempted to call CK Tang, a big department store which had held a "Member's Day" last Thursday when the heaven's poured down on Singapore.

After negotiating their prompts I finally reached an operator who said that lost and found property were the preserve of the Security department on the ground floor (Level 1 in Singapore); I asked if she could put me through and she hesitatingly said that she would try. No surprise that I could hear the call being transferred and then a loud engaged tone. So much for that - but maybe they were out patrolling the store as the crowds of shoppers acts like a magnet for pick pockets (friends have lost their wallets in there).

As I had made a couple of purchases I figured I must have dropped the card holder; but whoever picked it up did not have much cause for rejoicing as none of the cards could be used to buy things. A wag suggested that they could visit the clubs and eat and drink on our account, but I don't think anyone would want to impersonate me just for a free meal!

Anyway, I called the three clubs on Tuesday to find out about replacement procedures and then strolled over to the American Club first. I didn't even have to explain to the Security there that I was going in to get a replacement card - I flashed Lin's card at them (at the speed at which members flash their cards I don't think any details are discernible)!

It only took a jiffy to complete a form and get a new card - the cost Sin$10.

I bemoaned the fact that the loss of the cards paled in comparison to losing the card holder which was perfect for two to four cards. Taking pity on me the membership officer magically produced two card holders exactly like the one I had lost - one for me and one for Lin (which I have squirrelled away!). It made my day!

Then I trooped over to the Tanglin Club and prepared to flash (a membership card) again; but it was hardly necessary because the solitary Security guard was busy with someone who was driving in.

Reminiscent of the stiff upper lip old days (once upon a time the Tanglin was only open to Brits) a rather officious woman gave me the third degree when I approached her to enquire whether she had a replacement membership card for me. In any event she pulled out a thick deck of membership cards and found two which she handed over to me; one was for Lin and one for me and were in a new design so we might have missed an upgrading exercise during our time away.

I must mention that before she handed over the cards she asked me for my old card! I reminded her that the reason I was getting a replacement was that I had lost mine. However, as I also had Lin's membership card in hand, I surrendered his like the law abiding member that I am.

Then it came to SICC, once the most prestigious golf and country club in Singapore. My maternal and paternal grandfathers were founding members of one of the original clubs (the Royal Island Club) which were merged to form SICC.

There is a back story to that but it is rather long and involved. In any case, at some point in time SICC had to pay a much increased rent for its land and memberships became transferable upon payment of a fee. Having secured  transferable memberships many members sold their memberships.

The old system of carefully electing members and "black balling" anyone the Committee did not approve of gave way to a system whereby one could easily buy a membership. This opened the gates to a flood of new members; keen to play golf and use the facilities for which they had paid good money.

The 'tsunami' of members with little or no previous experience of club membership and the hallowed traditions of golf did the Club no favours and put pressure on an administration ill-suited to cope. Successive general committees have yet to get it back into shape; meanwhile other golf clubs have been developed - some of them (Sentosa, Tanah Merah) rather noteworthy.

Anyway, when I called SICC's membership office I was told they would fax me an application form and would charge Sin$15 for a new card. When the form arrived I was not sure if Lin (the principal member) had to authorise my application; I also had to submit a photograph which I was happy to do as I did not the old one.

And now I await the mail with the new card in it.

All in all it was not difficult; it would appear that losing one's membership card is a common occurrence!

Next time I have little news for you I shall bore you with my excursions into the supermarkets of Singapore and how it is hard to dash in and out (nothing to do with the selection of merchandise, I assure you).

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