Monday, August 23, 2010

Ebb and Flow

It's be rather quiet and so it was not a huge surprise that we have had a set back. Some of his blood test results were not very encouraging (still low WBC and neutrophils, now complicated by high AST and ALP in the liver panel).

This is a new wrinkle and quite unexpected. We are hoping it is a temporary aberration, but rather than take chances I am asking for your support in prayer.

Lin was happy after they took his blood pressure and weight (he's now 68 kilos, an improvement), but was pulled up by the Prof. who'd been given Lin's weight as 63 plus kilos - likely a typo when someone did not complete the figure "8". Anyway, the Prof. was mollified when another weighing showed the modest weight improvement.

Sod's law being what it is, I was waiting patiently in a queue at Ghim Moh for my char kway teow* fix (why he was open on a Monday I will not know!) when Lin was called in for his audience with Prof Wong.

Anyway, why cry over spilt milk - at least I avoided being taken to task for the skin on his palms! Just try being the interface between the specialist and the patient (both stubborn). Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

We are going back on Friday and Monday.

Friday for a CT scan (thorax, abdomen, pelvis) and Monday for another Liver Panel and Full Blood Count. Then a session with the Prof. and hopefully, chemotherapy (2B).

While waiting for the bloodwork this morning we met a very pleasant Indonesian lady whose husband is with NUS - they have lived here for the past 14 years and her mother (in her mid 60's) is also being looked after by Prof. Wong.

A shared hardship certainly brings people together and we have been fortunate to meet some friendly and helpful fellow patients and caregivers.

* yes it was worth the wait and weight 

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