Monday, September 20, 2010

How Little Things Mean A Lot

First little thing:  a miniscule amount of blood drawn this morning meant the difference between Lin getting chemotherapy today - or not. Obviously Prof Wong made the right call in stopping Oxaliplatin because Lin "made the cut" for the 1:30 slot at the Cancer Center chemotherapy treatment room!

Another little thing: despite Abbot Labs' Singapore office's refusal to offer Vanilla flavoured powdered Prosure, Lin's weight is now a more respectable 70 kilograms (when he started chemotherapy in mid-June it was a puny 67 kilograms). I did some research, Prosure (in powder form) IS available in Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines in Vanilla AND Orange.

It's a small thing for the head honchos at Abbott Labs Singapore (probably a savings in inventory cost), but a huge difference to someone taking Prosure to have a versatile flavour like Vanilla to which one can add flavouring. Otherwise it is orange day in and day out!

Will stop now to get the good news to you all; more later.

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