Monday, October 11, 2010

Back In The Saddle

Cut short my trip to Hong Kong but that is another tale; no it's nothing to do with Lin. As a matter of fact a friend who saw him while I was away remarked that he looked very well despite my absence. My retort was that he looked well BECAUSE of my absence!

Instant stress when I arrive to find that he had driven himself to the airport to meet me; it's not as if I am incapable of getting home from the airport. How does he think I manage in Hong Kong?

More stress: we are there with luggage cart and the car in the car park. To save time I go and get the car and we load it together, with me heaving the big case into the boot. I think I glanced over at the cart to make sure it is empty before we drive off.

To cap it off, as I am unpacking I look for my laptop to plug it in and cannot see it anywhere, so Lin gets a painful earful and goes down to check the car. I am on pins and needles as someone could have walked past him and taken the laptop off the cart without him noticing and just about everything is on the laptop even if I do have Time Machine backups.

Thank goodness they say that a change is as good as a holiday. I caught up with most of my friends which was refreshing and managed to squeeze in 2 golf lessons, 2 practice sessions and 3 games of golf in 9 days, as well as some rather good meals.

Our resident "Einstein" was still taxing my patience and understanding so no change there. As I was rushing to complete some errands and then to the Airport Express station, she announced that my sister and another friend had called when I was in my shower.

I called both, only to find that my sister hadn't called - after all she had called earlier and dropped of something for me to courier to her son in Singapore. Luckily I remembered our Caller Id and checked the handset - it was someone else altogether!

As my sister and I both have been away a lot in the past 12 months, Einstein was only giving in to her natural inclination to give a name to a voice rather than ask the caller for her name! I am so happy she gave us the boot and that she saved us the trouble of getting rid of her.

Lin is in good physical shape but a bit grumpy due to perceived neglect and my reaction to the rather Einstein-esque episode at Changi airport.

His only valid complaint is that the inside of his mouth hurts. Since Prof Wong took him off Oxaliplatin the side effects of the 5FU seem to be more pronounced.

We wait another week before seeing the Prof although I do not envisage an effective solution to the pain from the damage to his oral mucosa.

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