Monday, December 6, 2010

We Are What We Eat and Help ID A Local Plant

We should have been finished by now, but the WBCs and the neutrophil counts still delay the chemotherapy sessions.

On the good side, the side effects have not been as debilitating or painful as he had expected. It is certainly better to expect the worse.

In two days' time another blood test to see if he will be getting his chemotherapy (delayed from last week).

Still trying to get him to eat properly at mid-day and to drink lots of water.

The newspapers have been 'debunking' high doses of vitamin D3; I am going to continue on 5000iU with iodine as I have felt so much better since taking it.

I have been reading a book by an old friend, Betty Khoo Kingsley, called CANCER CURED & PREVENTED NATURALLY.

Ordinary People with Extraordinary Courage

They defied doctors' prognoses. Some were given just weeks to live.
They all turned to Raw Vegetarian Diets & Herbs and Self-Help Strategies - Meditation, Creative Visualisation, Chigong, Yoga and, 10 - 25+ years on, are living full and productive lives.

Foreword by Dr Chris KH Teo, Botanist and Herbalist
Founder of CA Care with Herbs
Author of Cancer Yet They Live

Publisher and Author: Betty L Khoo-Kingsley
Copyright 2007
ISBN 97898 10 580476

Actually I go back to it from time to time. She has packed in rather a lot of information and I forget things I've read so I 'learn' it all again and again!

These three photos show a shrub which is called (in Cantonese) the 'Seven Needle Leaf'. The needles grow in clusters along the stem, hence the name. The leaves are used in de-toxing which the locals believe will help in the cure.

The leaves are cleaned, torn and eaten as a salad (five leaves a day). The detox regime includes the juice of one raw organic potato and one organic green apple a day.

This came from one of the stallholders at Tiong Bahru market.

Questions: does anyone know the plant? What is it also known as? What is its botanical name?

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