Friday, January 21, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel?

We are happy to report that Lin had his second last (hopefully) chemotherapy session on Monday, January 17th. If things run according to the norm for him, it will be three weeks before his last session.

However, he is scheduled for a blood test and chemotherapy on January 31st (the plan). Maybe he will because he says that the readings obtained on Monday 17th were more encouraging than all the previous readings.

Then we wait and we'll see Professor Wong. And depending on what he has to say and the results of further tests, we will know when we can leave for Hong Kong and then Florida. Needless to say, Lin can hardly wait to return to Ponte Vedra!

In the meantime I am weaning him of my constant presence and nagging as well as enjoying a spot of R & R (rest and recreation for you who are "A" types and don't know what this means) in Hong Kong. Temperatures here have been cold by Hong Kong standards but not quite as cold as it has been in Ponte Vedra this winter.

I am throughly enjoying the change in temperature, especially on sunny, cold days such as today. Such perfect weather for golf even though I am at home today.

When he comes back to HK with me, we will be arguing about the temperature in the flat - which is ideal for me right now. I don't have the reverse cycle air-conditioning on, only the under floor heating in the master bed and bath areas. He prefers it hot and almost steamy (so why come to HK in winter/spring, I wonder).

In preparation for our return to Ponte Vedra I have put out feelers about an oncologist to whom we could turn if Lin should need one. I think we have found one. So that should lay one of Professor Wong's concerns to rest.

As a master of fact we have been very careful and Lin has not travelled at all.

Whereas someone we know in Hong Kong has been travelling on holiday while on chemotherapy; I guess it comes down to the specialist and his perspective.

Before Lin embarked on his chemotherapy regime, we met a young man who was in remission from colon cancer. He helped prepare us by giving us the benefit of his experience and insight. 

Being a young man, he carried on working and travelling (for work) when he was not laid low by the after effects of the chemotherapy sessions.

We did not think then to enquire if it was with or without his specialist's permission!

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