Monday, April 11, 2011

A Breath Of Fresh Air

I haven't posted an update since March 22. Hong Kong was a whirlwind but Lin got 18 holes of golf in and I played some golf too - in cool weather!

Then we dashed off to San Francisco where we spent the first two and a half days eating and sleeping; a combination of jet lag and plain tiredness. Fortunately we are blessed with very good friends who have lived in Asia and they went with our flow!

After that much needed pause we finally arrived in Ponte Vedra late on Sunday, April 3. It's now April 11 but it feels like forever because of the mountain (only a slight exaggeration) of accumulated things to do, opening up the house and getting the cars back on track.

Anyway we are making slow but steady progress and the fresh, clean air (except for copious quantities of pollen), clear blue skies and languorous pace is such a welcome change.

No matter how wonderful a city, it can never be as relaxing as being away from the buzz and energy that makes cities what they are.

If you grew up in Singapore or Malaya in the 50's and early 60's, you may remember and understand what I mean by pace. And yet when we were growing up it did not seem to be that slow except when we were waiting to open Christmas or birthday presents. Or to get my driving license!

Only the other day I was chided by a security guard at Sawgrass for being seemingly anxious to go through.

" How long you been in America Ms Anne? Take it slow now!" as I sat in my car fidgeting while she raised the gate for two fire trucks. I didn't know that my impatience was that obvious!

My friends from Hong Kong would simply die of boredom, friends from Singapore would find the pace here a little slow but the golf course more than adequate recompense.

But after coming from Hong Kong and Singapore where domestic help is a given, the most uplifting event of this trip so far is parting ways with our house cleaner-cum- care taker.

It was a case of the last straw that broke the camel's back - but rather than be overly concerned about cleaning house and who will keep an eye on things while we are gone, I have an overwhelming sense of relief.

Anyway it's high time I went through each nook and cranny and did a thorough sorting out - and throwing out of junk that we have accumulated since 1993!